Currently, we have two archery ranges. They are called the Woods Range and the Field Range.  The Woods Range is the older range located in the woods, with the entrance by the holly trees West of the BBQ shed.  The Field Range is located in the field behind the Christmas trees, with an entrance to the right of the range road.

1.      Members (including the range officer) and their guests must legibly sign in and out on the range log upon arrival including the date, the time of arrival, and their names. Please remember that you must also sign in and out at the clubs main sign in sheet at rear of the club house.

 2.      Put the warning flag up on the 4x4 post near the road for the Field range. The Woods range
          will have flags to put up at each firing lane.

 3.      No bows are allowed forward of the firing line.

 4.      Shooters are required to check behind the backstop prior to initially shooting.

5.      Never nock your arrow until you are ready to shoot.

6.      Make sure there is no one downrange when shooting. Never release an arrow without being able to see its full path to the target.

7.      Always make sure of the flight path of your arrow.

8.      Always shoot at a target. Never shoot straight up in the air.

9.      Do not point your arrow up while drawing your bow.

10.    If more than one person is shooting, all shall shoot from the same firing line.

11.    The maximum shooting distance shall be 40 yards except for special club functions.

12.    Currently, broad-heads may not be used. There will be a broad head lane installed soon in the Woods range.

13.     Cross bows may be used but archery must provide their own target that shall be placed  in the range next to or in front of clubs targets.

14.     Please review rules for changes as our program grows. It is the userís responsibility to follow the rules.

Tip: If your arrow field tips are wider than the shaft it will be hard to get the arrow out of the targets. You can lightly sand the back edge of the tip (by the shaft) to bevel the edge to make it easier to pull the arrow out and less damage to the target.

Chapter Range Safety Committee.