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 Nevada Whiskey
Rifle: Loaded with 10 rounds, hammer on empty chamber placed on the bar top at position 1.
Pistols: Loaded with 5 rounds, hammers on empty chambers and holstered.
Shotgun: Open and empty on the rest at the position 2 of their choice.
Shooter starts at position one with Bottle in one hand and shot glass in the other.
When ready, shooter yells “You insulted my drink.
At the buzzer, the Shooter will put the bottle and glass down, there is a 5 second penalty if the glass or bottle falls off of the bar. Pick up the rifle and perform two separate 5 round Nevada Sweeps, one using the right three targets and one using the left three targets, your choice of which side is first and the starting direction. Take the rifle to your choice for position 2.  Make the rifle safe.  Draw a pistol and perform a Nevada sweep in either direction. Holster and pick up your shotgun. Engage the two shotgun targets in any order. Clear the shotgun and take it with you to your option for position 3. Engage the two shotgun targets. Make the shotgun safe and draw your remaining pistol. Shoot the three pistol targets in a Nevada sweep from either direction.