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Birds and Bad Guys

Rifle: Loaded with 10 rounds, hammer on empty chamber placed on the rest at position 2.
Pistols: Loaded with 5 rounds, hammers on empty chambers, and holstered.
Shotgun: At waist level and horizontal to the ground, in one hand by the receiver, at position 1.
Shooter starts at position one with an open shotgun, held in one hand, with the arm fully extended down. The other hand is on your shot shells (in their holder).
When ready, yell “I love hunting birds.”
At the buzzer, shoot the two Shotgun targets in any order. Clear the action and move to position 2. Shoot the popper and then the flying bird (if you hit the bird, you will receive a five second bonus, there is no penalty for a missed bird ).  Make the shogun safe on the rest.  Pick up your rifle and engage the rifle targets (the rear five), single tapping in a clockwise direction, starting on any rifle target. Make the rifle safe. Draw your pistols and engage the pistol targets (front five) single tapping in a clockwise direction starting on any pistol target, continuously with both pistols. The large center target is common to the rifle and pistols.