Potential new shooters may visit a match or see Cowboy Action Shooting on TV. As a spectator, it can be very confusing as to what we are really doing. It can also be intimidating and may turn new shooters away.

After attending a clinic, the shooter has a better idea of what is going on. They will also have a better understanding of the safety rules. Combined, they will make the new shooters first match much more enjoyable and safer.

Clinic is not designed to improve shooting skills. Nor are they designed for someone that is new to shooting. It is designed to introduce and provide an overview of the sport, ideally, to experienced shooters. This does not mean that you turn non shooters away, but your focus needs to be on the experienced shooter. New shooters would require more training than this course has time for. 

Helping the potential shooter understand what they have seen at a match they saw or a TV presentation, really helps to get them over the possible confusion they may have.

a. Gun clubs
    b. Gun Stores
    c. Club web sites and E-mail
    d. Gun shows

What is needed
a. Loaner guns
    b. Ammunition
    c. Indoor classroom
    d. At least one stage complete with targets, loading and unloading tables, props

Target Audience
a. Experienced shooters not familiar with Cowboy Action shooting

Purpose Of Class
a. To introduce potential shooters to Cowboy Action Shooting
    b. Eliminates the stress of learning the game at a shoot
    c. Cover all aspects of the game in a controlled environment

a. History of SASS
    b. Costumes
    c. Firearms
    d. Ammunition
    e. Shooting Categories
    f.  Safety
    h. The components of a match
    i.  Stage descriptions
    j.  Posse work assignments
    k. Scoring

The Classroom
a. Comfortable setting One Two Three
    b. Have copies of the Chronicle to hand out
    c. Have a display of firearms, leather, accessories One Two Three
    d. Have a gun cart sample
    e. Visual aids One Two

                1. If you have access to a projector that can display photos or connect to a laptop computer,
                    you can show items that you do not have on hand.
    f. Cowboy volunteers to demonstrate the safety section and costuming

The Range
a. Have a simple stage for them to shoot
    b. Have ample volunteers to run and monitor the shooters 
    c. Provide firearms and ammunition
    d. Holsters not required, use staged handguns
    e. Display board
     f. Be prepared to assist shooter

   a. If possible, try to get a local gun store to sponsor the clinic (new shooters are good business for them too) and supply ammo.
     b. Have volunteers supply ammo and provide loaner firearms for the class.
     c. Require a small registration fee, no more than $5.   This shows some commitment and pre-registration gives
         you a better idea of how many students you will have.    

Do's & Don'ts

Avoid telling shooters what to buy. It is better to provide all of the options available to them and let them decide what is best for them. Remember that what works for you may not be what the shooters wants, or needs.

Do not attempt to give shooting tips to improve shooting. The class will take too long and the real purpose is to introduce the sport to them, not make them proficient.

Keep things simple. Avoid details that they will not remember. There is just too much information at once.

Keep the class moving, avoid war stories and lengthy what if's.

Use as many show and tell items and props as you can.

Try to interject some humor.

Encourage questions but keep things on track It does not take much to let the class run too long.

Keep an eye on the students to see if they appear to understand what you are saying.

Promote your club as well as others in your area.

After each section, ask if there are any questions.

Provide ammo in one caliber or gauge only and advertise that all ammo is provided. If a student has a firearm of their own,
that is not in the caliber provided, they need to bring their own ammunition. This keeps the cost down and makes
it simple on which loaner guns you need.