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Violation Policy



These rules apply to Chapter members and their guests in a general shooting environment. Some may be waived by range safety officials at organized Chapter functions where shooting is strictly supervised. Assume all rules are in effect unless specifically informed otherwise by a safety official at the time of an event.

The following SAFETY and CONDUCT rules for the rifle/pistol ranges also apply to the WAC air gun ranges, except where specifically in conflict with the written rules for those ranges, in which case the air gun range rules take precedence.

    1. Adherence to all standard rules of firearms safety is mandatory -- the flagrant violation of safety rules shall be cause for immediate termination of range privileges.

    2. Use only firearms which are mechanically safe and sound.

    3. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction. Aiming and pointing a firearm is only permitted toward the target area from the firing line.

    4. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

    5. While personnel are in front of the shooting benches or down range, all firearms shall be placed on the rifle racks behind benches or NO touch rule when firearms on
    shooting bench, unloaded, with action open, chamber empty, magazine removed, and safety on if available. Firearms, ammunition magazines, ammunition, firearm scopes
    and accessories shall not be touched during this period.

    6. Firearms will only be loaded at the firing point immediately prior to shooting. Unattended firearms must be unloaded with action open, chamber empty, magazine removed, and safety on if available.

    7. Before leaving the range, all firearms must be unloaded, cleared, and cased or holstered.

    8. Misfires shall be handled as follows:


            B. Continue pointing the firearm down range for not less than one minute.

            C. Unload and clear the firearm. Visually check the chamber and bore.

            D. Dispose of misfire cartridges in the container provided for misfires, or remove them from Chapter property. Do not discard misfires on the ground or in trash containers.

    9. The command to "CEASE FIRE" must be obeyed immediately -- this command may be called by anyone in the vicinity. Upon hearing the command, respond as follows:

            A.  Immediately cease firing, maintain your shooting position, and continue to point your firearm down range. DO NOT TURN AROUND WITH YOUR FIREARM!
            The reason for and resolution of the cease fire dictates all actions following the command.

            B. The individual calling for cease fire must inform all shooters of the reason and immediately proceed with coordinating a resolution.

            C. Coordinate clearing the range with all shooters present before firing is resumed.

            D. A cold range condition for access to targets must be coordinated with all shooters to cease firing and for the resumption of firing.

    10. Permissible targets include paper, balloons, and frangible, biodegradable items such as candy, crackers and clay pigeons.   Such targets must be attached to the target
           backboard and mounted so they do not obscure the steel target stand frame.

    11. Permissible free standing targets include, commercially made non-steel or "self-sealing" plastic targets which swing, spin, or fall; non-reactive, moving and non-rolling on the ground when hit by a bullet.

            A. Explosive targets (e.g., Tannerite) are strictly prohibited.

    12. The target being fired upon must be directly in front of the firing point. Shooters must ensure that only one target is in the line of fire.
    Each shot must be discharged in a controlled manner so as to ensure that it hits the target and no bullets leave the range area.

    13. Only Authorized Special Events may use steel targets with caution; and will be supervised by the eventís coordinator or designated Range Safety Officer and    
    appropriate conduct rules for the event will be delineated before the start of the event.

    14. Only the firearm in use is permitted at the firing point while shooting.

    15. Firearms which are not in use shall be stored appropriately behind the shooting position. Firearms stored in the range racks shall be unloaded with action open,
    chamber empty, magazine removed, and safety on if available.

    16. Shooters firing from any position other than bench rest or standing must inform all others present of their intention. The drawing and firing of firearms from holsters by anyone,
    including law enforcement officers, is prohibited.

    17. Smoking and open flames are prohibited in the vicinity of black powder or any bulk powder.
    The users of these powders must inform all persons in the vicinity that these flammable materials are present and enforce a "no smoking" zone.

    18. Commercially made eye protection and ear protection is required for all personnel in the immediate shooting areas. The minimum ear protection rating is recommended at 22 DB or greater.

    19. Alcohol and other drugs are not permitted on ranges or range spectator areas. No ingestion of alcohol or other drugs is allowed before or during shooting.
    Persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are not permitted on ranges or range spectator areas.

    20. Shotgun patterning bench has been placed on the rifle range with a shotgun patterning board at the 40 yard marker for the exclusive purpose for shotgun patterning only.
    This bench and patterning board may not be moved and firing at the patterning board with anything other than shotgun ammunition is strictly prohibited. 21.
    Protective attire is required when on the ranges. Flip- flops and similar footwear are prohibited.

    1. Unauthorized persons using the rifle/pistol ranges will be deemed trespassing. Unauthorized rifle/pistol range users include anyone who does not display a current range-approved membership card, has not signed the range register, has or is a guest who has not signed the range register, or is violating any directives restricting access for use of the ranges.

    2. The hours for shooting on the rifle and pistol ranges are from 10 AM (1 PM on range maintenance days) to the posted closing time. Modifications to those hours will be posted at the range register and available online at the IWLA-WAC Website

    3. Only range-approved members and their guests are permitted to shoot on the rifle and pistol ranges.

    4. A memberís current range approved membership card and the guest Visitor cards must be visibly displayed on his/her person while on ranges,
    associated areas and parking lot at all times, whether shooting or not.

    5. Range-approved members shall challenge all shooters not displaying a valid range-approved membership card.

    6. All members and guests using the rifle and pistol ranges must sign the range register before proceeding to the ranges, and sign out on the same register before leaving the Chapter grounds.

    7. A member may bring a maximum of two guests to the rifle and pistol ranges per day, and must remain with his/her guests at all times.

    8. A non-member may use the ranges as a guest a maximum of two times, except when the individual comes from a distance greater than 75 miles.

    9. Children of members are prohibited from bringing guests to the rifle and pistol ranges.

    10. A member or spouse bringing children under 18 years old to the rifle and pistol ranges must maintain absolute control over the childrenís activities at all times.

    11. Members are responsible for keeping the firing and target areas clean and safe, and for picking up and properly disposing of all trash and debris regardless of its origin.
    Used paper targets may be left on target stand after shooting.

    12. Disposal of cartridge cases in trash receptacles is prohibited. Cases must be picked up and placed in a designated container or removed from Chapter grounds.

    13. Vehicular traffic to the ranges is prohibited when the range road is closed.

    14. Unauthorized off-road vehicular traffic is prohibited at all times.

    15. The cost of repairs for any damage to Chapter property and the possible loss of range privileges will be assessed for violations of these rules and regulations.

    16. All range-approved members are range officers, and as such, are expected to maintain an attitude of SAFETY, PATIENCE, and COURTESY at all times when using the ranges.

    17. Any person witnessing a violation of the Range Rules and Regulations or safety standards is responsible for calling it to the violatorís attention. If the violator is argumentative or uncooperative,
    disengage immediately and report the violator's identity or vehicle license number to the Chapter caretaker, a Range Safety Officer or other Chapter official.
    Emergency calls to 911 are authorized if conditions present the possibility of injury to anyone.

    18. No member may use our ranges for commercial training purposes. Using any WAC firearms range for financial gain, personal or otherwise, jeopardizes our charitable
    organization status and is a major conduct violation of our range rules. Anyone found to be in violation of this rule will have his or her range privileges suspended pending
    investigation by the Rifle and Pistol Range Safety Officer Committee, which will present its findings to the Board of Directors for their action.

    19. Only range approved members/spouses can bring guests and members are personally responsible for the conduct of their guests. Members will be liable for damages
    attributed to their guests. If both member and spouse ARE range approved (have white access, WAC range approved, and an Izaak Walton League membership card),
    each can bring two guests per day. Anyone not range approved (including children) are guests. However, eligible children of members (18 or under) are not limited to the two visits rule.

    20. Use of any rangesí facilities is limited to members and invited guests for recreational shooting only.

    21. Any members and guests use of any WAC range facilities is subject to following WAC safety and conduct rules, and abiding by the law regarding legal ownership and possession of firearms.
     Members will receive a violation citation for their guestís violation for not following range safety and conduct rules.

    22. Any member or guest that violates the range safety or conduct rules, including not wearing a WAC Visitor card, will be requested to vacate the club property.

    23. Any member that loses their assigned guest Visitor card(s) must promptly report it and have them officially recorded as lost. There will be a monetary cost for issuing replacement guest Visitor card(s).

    24. Pets are not permitted on the rifle or pistol ranges at any time.

    1. Firearms authorized for use on Chapter ranges are restricted to those designed to be fired from the shoulder or hand held and not requiring crew operation.

    2. Scale model, black powder cannons not larger than .50 calibers are permitted on the rifle range only.
    The cannon must be securely anchored to control recoil, and all persons in its vicinity must be advised of its use.

    3. Air pellet guns are permitted on the rifle and pistol ranges, and are subject to the same rules as firearms.

    4. Shotguns are permitted on the rifle range subject to the following conditions: Those firing single projectile ammunition shall use the target frames provided for rifles,
    and those firing shot shells shall use the target frames specifically provided for shotgun patterning.

    5. Shotguns and all firearms in traditional center fire rifle calibers are prohibited for use on the pistol ranges, however, pistols using .410 shot shells are permitted on our pistol ranges.

    6. Handguns in traditional center fire rifle calibers must be shot on the rifle range. Other handguns are prohibited on the rifle range, except when firing at targets beyond 50 yards.

    7. All caliber rim fire rifles and air pellet guns are permitted on the pistol ranges.

    8. All handguns with handgun caliber ammunition are permitted on the covered and uncovered pistol ranges.

            A: Pistol-caliber carbines (long guns firing handgun ammunition) are permitted on the covered pistol range, uncovered pistol range and rifle range.

            B: Acceptable ammunition calibers include: all rim fire, 30 M1 Carbine, .32 ACP, .327, 357 Magnum, 38 Special, .380, 9mm Luger, 40 S&W, 10mm, 44 Special,
            44 Magnum, 44-40 Winchester, 45 ACP, 45 Colt, 5.7, and  460/ .500 (S&W). If you do not see the caliber listed, please contact the Rifle and Pistol Chairperson.  

            C: All rifles and rifle carbines are allowed on the rifle range as well as shotguns firing solid slugs.

            D: Handguns may only be fired at the 75 and 100 yard targets on the rifle range.

    9. Firearms capable of three-shot burst, bump-stock or fully automatic fire may not be brought onto the WAC property.  This prohibition applies to attachments designed to cycle
        consecutive discharges similar to automatic functioning.

    10. Armor piercing, incendiary, tracer, chemical, and explosive projectiles, or devices designed to fire or propel explosive, incendiary, or chemical projectiles are prohibited. ___________________________________________________


Violations of the above rules and regulations may result in the loss of range privileges, and in some cases may lead to expulsion from membership in accordance with the provisions
of Article X of the Constitution and by-laws.

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June 30, 2021
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