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Wildlife Achievement Chapter, Inc.
The Izaak Walton League of America Est. 1937
"To strive for the purity of water, the clarity of air, and the wise stewardship of the land and its resources;
to know the beauty and understanding of nature, and the value of wildlife, woodlands and open space;
to the preservation of this heritage and to man's sharing in it;
I pledge myself as a member of the Izaak Walton League of America".

Izaak Walton's 100th Anniversary Video, a must see HERE


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Current Damascus
2022 Calendar
EFFECTIVE 3/13/2022
Current Range Hours
10:00 AM  to 07:00 PM
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Main House  301-253-2384    Shotgun Range 301-253-4779
P.O. Box 118, Damascus, Maryland  20872

*** Chapter Email ***

We have an E-mail list for all interested members to keep up with breaking events.  The list is used to remind members of upcoming chapter events and notification of projects.  All addresses are sent "blind" and your address will not appear on the mass mailing. The list is not sold or given to anyone and is optional to members.  If you have previously registered and are not getting messages or if you want to be added to the E-mail list, use this link to add your name to the Izaak Walton-WAC, E-mail list. Please include your name, E-mail address and that you are requesting to be added to the IWLA E-mail list.  Remember to update your address if you change to another provider. Addresses that are returned five times, as undeliverable or returned three times for a "Full Mailbox", will be deleted from the list.

Some Spam Blockers will return E-mail to us. If this happens five times, your address will be deleted from the list.
To prevent this, add IzaakWaltonWAC@iwlwac.org to your approved mail list.

Many corporate and government servers do not allow incoming bulk mail, (like our mailing list) and they will block them. If you are not getting mail from us, at least one a month, the odds are it is being blocked by your employer. You are better off using a home E-mail address for uninterrupted service.

  Our Izaak Walton League Chapter  

Our Izaak Walton League of America Chapter is called "The Wildlife Achievement Chapter, Inc."   We are located at 26430 Mullinix Mill Rd., Mt Airy, Md. 21771 near Damascus, Maryland.  

We have many family activities at the Wildlife Achievement Chapter. Our chapter has 120+ acres of beautiful land in northern Montgomery County. Chapter programs include conservation, wildlife and environmental activities along with a 100 yard rifle range, 50 yard pistol range, a 35 yard pistol range, an air rifle program and range, youth activities, Boy Scouts, skeet & trap & 5 stand sporting clays fields, regular Cowboy Action Shoots and lots of social events. Our many community oriented projects have assisted the town and citizens of Damascus in the areas of conservation, highway clean ups, Damascus Help, stream clean ups, scholarship programs, Hunter Safety, youth programs, recycling and wildlife habitat. With the exception of special events, training or sanctioned events, all of our rifle, pistol, air, archery and shotgun ranges are for members and their guest only, they are not open to the general public.  Rifle and pistol ranges are open for members and their guest only from 10:00 AM to dusk (actual close time is posted on the registration box and in the weather banner in the main menu above).

The Skeet, Trap & 5 Stand Sporting Clay fields are open every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 noon until 5:00 PM, (with the exception of clean up day on the last Sunday of the month, range may not open until 1:00 PM, please come out and help with the chapter clean up). There may be adjusted hours in December during our Christmas Tree sales.

hours (during daylight saving time), are from 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM. On meeting nights, the range closes at 6:30 PM.
Contact Mark Gay 301-332-4111 for additional information. The skeet house phone number is 301-253-4779.

IWLA - WAC Scholarship Program  Scholarship Criteria     Scholarship Application
The Wildlife Achievement Chapter has an Annual Scholarship Program. Currently, we are offering several $1,000 scholarships ($500 per semester) to qualified students each year. The scholarship is open to a high school senior that attends high school on Montgomery, Howard, Frederick or Carroll County, in Maryland (being an IWLA member is not a requirement).

It is also open to high school seniors of Wildlife Achievement Chapter members from any school district. For additional information on the qualifying criteria and an application, take these links, Scholarship Criteria
or Scholarship Application (This is an Adobe PDF file that can be filled out while viewing and saved to your computer).

The scholarship will continue through the students 4 year program.

Donations to our scholarship program are appreciated. The Wildlife Achievement Chapter, of the Izaak Walton League, is a non-Profit 501 (C) organization and all donations are tax deductible.

We have a large rental hall, with a commercial kitchen, available at great rates. We rent our grounds for large gathering's and we have a large BBQ building for outdoor cooking. All hall rentals are for MEMBERS ONLY. The member must be present, at the rental, for the entire duration.

You can download the Rental Agreement  HERE.  The rental agreement is in PDF format and can be filled out while viewing it on line.  When finished, you can print it.

Contact chairperson Cherie Aker 301-330-9468 for additional information on renting the grounds or social hall. Check the web calendar to verify that the hall is available for rental before contacting Cherie.

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  Chapter & National Award Criteria  

Each year the Izaak Walton League of America presents National Awards, along with Judge John W. Tobin and Defenders Chapter Achievement Awards to those most deserving recognition. Additionally, the Wildlife Achievement Chapter has its own Chapter Awards.

Most of the National Awards are due to the entity identified on the nomination form by June 1. Chapter award nominations are due to the Chapter President, also by June 1. The Judge John W Tobin and Defenders Chapter Achievement Awards are due by to the entity identified on the nomination form by March 15.

Each award has a nomination form specific to the award. The award criteria are outlined in more depth to help identify potential nominees. Additionally, questions pertaining to the nominee and how they meet the specific award criteria are listed as a guideline to aid in filling out the nomination form.

Nominations for chapter awards may be submitted by any Wildlife Achievement Chapter member is good standing. National wards may be submitted by any Izaak Walton League member in good standing.

The following are links to the National and Chapter nomination forms.

National Awards:
Best Chapter Member Recruitment Award Nomination
Best Chapter Newsletter Award Nomination
Best Division Newsletter Award Nomination
Best Website Award Nomination
National 54 Founders Award Nomination
National Arthur R Thompson Memorial Award Nomination
National Hall of Fame Award Nomination
National Honor Roll Award Nomination
National James Lawton Childs Award Nomination
National Robert C O Hair Award Nomination
National Save Our Streams Award Nomination
National Thelma (Pete) Reed Memorial Award Nomination

National Conservation Award Nomination
National Outdoor America's Future Award Nomination
National Outdoor Ethics Award Nomination
Judge John W. Toben Award Nomination

Chapter Awards
Bob Lilly Award Nomination
Wildlife Achievement Chapter Distinguished Service Award Nomination
Wildlife Achievement Chapter Meritorious Service Award Nomination
Wildlife Achievement Chapter New Member Award Nomination

Forms Are in Adobe Acrobat Reader, Download Free

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Mailed applications will be returned.


Dues Renewals must be sent to the
Membership Chairman  Chuck Crooks
IJAMSVILLE, MD  21754-8919

Download Application & Complete Instructions On How To Become A Member 


INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: One adult over the age of 18 years of age, and shall be entitled to vote, hold office at the chapter, state, and national level. Each Individual Membership shall be counted as one member on the national membership rolls.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: One or two adults over the age of 18 years of age and their natural, adopted or foster children under the age of 18 years residing together at a single residence. Family members over eighteen years of age shall be entitled to vote, hold office at the chapter, state, and national level. Each Family Membership shall be counted as two members on the national membership rolls.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP: One adult between eighteen and twenty-one years of age, who is a full-time undergraduate student. Student members over eighteen years of age shall be entitled to vote, hold office at the chapter, state, and national level. Each Student Membership shall be counted as one member on the national membership rolls.

YOUTH MEMBERSHIP: One child under the age of eighteen years of age. Youth members shall not be entitled to vote, hold office at the chapter, state, and national level. Each Youth Membership shall be counted as one member on the national membership rolls.



INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: Your spouse, and children (under age 18 that live at home with you) are welcome to use our facilities under your membership when accompanied by you. Spouses will be issued their own Range Access Card if they take and pass the Chapter & Range Orientation course along with you.  Only the applicant, on the Individual membership application, is allowed to vote in chapter and national elections. Only one electronic key card is issued per Individual Membership. Two Visitor Badges are issued to only the individual member for use of the ranges by family or other guests. All family and other guests must be accompanied by the member and wear a Visitor’s Badge at all times on the ranges. If you want to bring more than two family members or other guests to the ranges, you need to join as a Family Membership so your spouse can also receive two visitor badges in addition to a range access card.

A Family Memberships includes full membership for the member and their spouse. Both members and children (under age 18 that live at home with you) are welcome to use our facilities under the family membership when accompanied by you or your spouse. Both adult members will be issued their own Range Access Cards if they take and pass the Chapter & Range Orientation course. Both adult applicants are allowed to vote in chapter and national elections. Two electronic key cards are issued per Family Membership. Two Visitor Badges are issued to each adult member if they take and pass the Chapter & Range Orientation course. All family and other guests must be accompanied by the member and wear a Visitor’s Badge at all times on the ranges.

Student members are welcome to limited use of our facilities as described herein and will be issued their own range card if they take and pass the Chapter & Range Orientation course. Student members under age 21 can have use of the shotgun range and limited use of the rifle range once they earn their range card. However, Maryland Law prohibits persons under age 21 from possessing a regulated firearm (i.e., handguns and assault rifles). Student members under age 21 will have an orange sticker affixed to their range cards indicating the need for restricting their access in accordance with Maryland Law. Student members can serve in any office or chair any committee or subcommittee and are allowed to vote in chapter and national elections. One electronic key card is issued per student membership.

YOUTH MEMBERSHIP:   Youth members are not permitted to use our ranges unless accompanied by a current member over age 21 that has a range access card. Youth members shall not be entitled to vote, hold office at the chapter, state, and national level.  Each Youth Membership shall be counted as one member on the national membership rolls.

Prospective members should review the membership application for details regarding the application process. Applications are available online or contact the Membership Chairman for additional information at IzaakWaltonWAC@aol.com


Individual Membership Member Spouse Children > age 18
living with you
Electronic key card Yes    
Range Access Card Yes Yes  
Two Visitor Badges Yes    
Membership Cards Yes    
Vote in chapter and national elections Yes    
Family Membership Member Spouse Children > age 18
living with you
Electronic key card Yes Yes  
Range Access Card Yes Yes  
Two Visitor Badges Yes Yes  
Membership Cards Yes Yes  
Vote in chapter and national elections Yes Yes








New Memberships Chapter 90.00 137.50 21.00 17.50
If you join from
Jan thru Jun
National 50.00 75.00 25.00 10.00
or Division 5.00 7.50 2.50 1.00
Oct. thru Dec. Initiation 60.00 60.00 0.00 0.00
  Key Card 1* 10.00 20.00 10.00 N/A
*Required TOTAL $215.00 $300.00 $58.50 $28.50
1* Required for Building Access          
New Memberships Chapter 45.00 68.75 10.50 8.75
Pro-Rated If you join from
National 25.00 37.50 12.50 5.00
thru Division 2.50 3.75 1.25 .50
Sept. Initiation 60.00 60.00 0.00 0.00
  Key Card 1* 10.00 20.00 10.00 N/A
*Required TOTAL $142.50 $190.00 $34.25 $14.25
1* Required for Electronic Building Access          
Renewals TOTAL $145.00 $220.00 $45.00 $32.00

Membership Application Process

New membership applicants must complete and present their sponsored, signed application, membership fees (Check, Cash or Money Order, we do not take credit cards), and a government-provided ID at a Board of Directors meeting. You must appear in person at the meeting in order for your application to be accepted. Board meetings are held in the upstairs dining hall of the clubhouse on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Please arrive by no later than 6:45 PM. Your sponsor must be a current member in good standing. If possible, have the sponsor attend the first meeting with you. If you do not have a sponsor, contact a Chapter member or one of the members on the Board of Directors. 

You will be asked to informally introduce yourself to the Board of Directors and tell them your name, occupation, and why you want to join. Board members will, in turn, introduce themselves to you and vote on all applications after the dinner break. Please stay until the vote is completed. Once the board approves your application, you must attend a membership meeting to be voted on by the general membership and sworn in.

Membership meetings are also held in the upstairs dining hall of the clubhouse, usually on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Most meetings (but not all) are dinner meetings with a social hour starting at 6:30 PM and the meeting beginning at 7:30PM. Dinners are usually cost around $10.00, but the Wild Game dinner in January is slightly higher. During the last quarter of the year, membership meetings are often held on an alternate schedule due to Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Members present vote on acceptance of the new members, followed by a swearing in ceremony. Check the chapter calendar for current meeting dates and times.

All new members must serve a two-year probationary period. During your first two years, you must help with four authorized work projects. Anytime within your first two years, you must volunteer for a minimum of two conservation projects and two additional work projects that can be conservation based or a regular work detail.  Your two year probationary period begins once you have been sworn in at a membership meeting. Failure to complete your required work projects after 24 months, will result in an additional fee ($60) in order to renew.  There are many work projects to choose from. Most are listed on the chapter calendar located on our website. Each event has a contact person for additional information.  Conservation projects are listed in bold green letters. Regular work credit items are listed in bold brown letters. Always locate and sign the work log located at the event. If you do not sign in, we have no way of recording your attendance. Our hope is that all members adopt an annual project to volunteer for, even after their probationary requirements have been met.

All probationary Members are required to volunteer for 4 work projects within their first 2 years of membership (starting in the month they join). You must have a minimum of two of the 4 credits in a Conservation event or project. The remaining 2 can be a regular or a conservation event. Failure to meet these requirements will cause an additional assessment of $60 to your annual renewal until the requirements have been met. You will also remain in probationary status until all requirements have been met. If you are uncertain how many more credits you need please email Nick Giuliano at nicolasgiu@yahoo.com. He can verify your current status.

For additional membership information contact Membership Chairman
Chuck Crooks


Download Application & Complete Instructions On How To Become A Member
Our new forms can be filled out while they are displayed on the computer and then printed with the data already filled out.

Forms Are in Adobe Acrobat Reader, Download Free

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Board of Directors for 2022

President : Paul Turska  Membership, Budget & Finance, Publicity / Public Relations

1st. Vice President:
John Porter Overlooks Committees; Awards, House and Grounds, Skeet & Trap, Developing Major Fund Raisers, Boy Scouts, Conservation, Licenses & Permits, our Web Page and Cowboy Action Shoots.

2nd Vice President:  Jesse Lim 240-832-0354 Overlooks Committees; Archery,  Rifle & Pistol, Legislation, Recycling, Save Our Streams, Hall Rentals, Food & Beverage, Astronomy Club, Chapter Safety.

3rd Vice President  Joe Pauley 301-452-6606 Overlooks Committees; Youth Activities, Junior Shotgun, Air Gun, Adopt-A-Road, Christmas Trees, Dinner Programs, Entertainment,  Hunter Safety, Chapter Insurances, and NRA Programs, .

Recording Secretary: John Hartwell 240-543-0156 Meeting minutes.  

Corresponding Secretary: Jim Piateski* 301-253-4950. Chapter Newsletter

Membership Secretary: Chuck Crooks* 301-831-9666   Membership dues and records. 

Steve Lefebvre* 301-482-1898 Chapter financial officer.

Sergeant At Arms: Richard Fried* 301-253-2789.

Parliamentarian: Ken Lefebvre*

Chaplain: Adol Owen-Williams II

Directors:  2021 & 2022 -  Dave Lane 301-928-5363,  Tom Ouellette,  Kevin Wolf 301-385-3509, Cherie Aker 301-330-9468
Directors:  2022 & 2023
Jean Aker 301-330-9468,  Dave Goldberg,  Hans Varmer

Immediate Past President  *Rodger Moran

* = A Past President  

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If you have a question or would like to assist in any activity, contact the Committee Chairperson listed below. For unlisted committees, contact the Vice President that oversees that committee. Underlined names are links to chairperson's E-mail.


James McInerney

Air Rifle -Adult Indoors
Jim Pachulski


Air Rifle - Jr.
Ed Mondonedo

Air Rifle Outdoors
Mark Mayer

John Walter

Astronomy Club
Steve Lefebvre

Boy Scout Liaison
John Hartwell

Chapter & Range
Jean Aker

Christmas Trees

Jim Piateski
Jeffrey Deschamps

Cowboy Shoots
Dogmeat Dad
Chuck Limparis

Green Energy
Jim Hitchcock

Hall Rentals
Cherie Aker 


Hunter Safety
Geoff Hornseth
301-253-2384 X-2

House & Grounds
Chuck Crooks

Food & Beverage
Randy McKenzie


Chuck Crooks



Rifle / Pistol
Jesse Lim



Save Our Streams

Skeet & Trap
Mark Gay

Technology / AV
Gene Lew

Web Site
Chuck Crooks

Wild Game Dinner
& Auction
Susan Bortniak

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Boy Scout
Troop 945


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  U.S. & Maryland Links  

 U.S. House of Representatives 

  Look Up & Send E-Mail To  
Your US  Representative

Check the Status Of Bills
 in the Maryland General Assembly

Find Your
Maryland Representative

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If you would like to be added to our shotgun email list, for all bulletins concerning the skeet and trap ranges, please send an email to

 wacshotgun@verizon.net.  Include your name and telephone number and we will be more than happy to add you to the list.


Shotgun Hours and Conditions of Operation:

Weather permitting: Saturdays and Sundays: noon-5:00 PM, Except Christmas, Easter and special events.

Wednesdays (during Daylight Savings Time) 2:00 PM-6:00 PM. Always check website for special events.

Members wishing to shoot near the end of the day must arrive at least 45 minutes before closing times.

Shotgun Safety Overview for Damascus Wildlife Achievement Chapter, Inc.

We have been fortunate, at the Damascus Wildlife Achievement Chapter Skeet and Trap Range, to have an unprecedented number of  new shooters come to the shotgun fields. As a general rule, many of our new shooters are inexperienced and not familiar with the safety procedures, some of which are common to all shooting sports and some of which are particular to the shotgun clay target sports. Since safety is our highest priority, new shooters are required to learn shotgun safety basics and experienced shooters to review them.

During the January, 2010 Meeting the Board of Directors, they approved a new Shotgun Safety Course to be mandatory for all members who wish to use the shotgun range with full member privileges. The Shotgun Safety Overview course will last approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Upon successful completion of the Shotgun Safety Overview, a your membership number on your card will have parentheses around it.

The membership card must be displayed while using the shotgun ranges, or any or the other ranges.

The Shotgun Safety Overview/Orientation will be held every other month and is open to all members. The Rifle/Pistol/Club Orientation course is a prerequisite to the shotgun orientation. Please bring your range cards to the shotgun orientation.  Check club calendar for dates and times. 

Successful completion of the shotgun course will allow members to shoot on a shotgun field (during scheduled operating hours) without supervision of a member who has completed the course. This requirement is similar to that of the rifle and pistol ranges. Before attending the class please read the course materials at this link.

Most members are already qualified on the shotgun fields. Check your range cards. If your membership number is in parentheses, such as (12345), or if there is a sticker saying “Shotgun,” you need not attend the Shotgun Orientation

WAC members that have not completed the Shotgun Safety Overview will pay member rates, but will be considered guests on the shotgun fields, and the following conditions will apply:

* A Shotgun approved member may bring guests to the shotgun range. The member must remain with the guest at all times and is responsible for their safety and safety instruction.

*  Shotgun guests are defined as Chapter members that have not attended the Shotgun Safety Overview, and non-Chapter members. Non-Chapter members will pay “guest” rates.

*  Members from other IWLA chapters are guests and must shoot on a squad with approved member.

Questions or concerns may be addressed by contacting the Skeet & Trap Committee Chairman listed under committee chairpersons. 



   Regular Wildlife Achievement Chapter Events  
& Meeting Dates

All events and contacts are listed on Our Complete Chapter Calendar

Board Meetings are usually held on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month. New members are required to present their application, in person, at a board meeting. It is helpful if prospective new members arrive at 7:00 pm to help speed up the process. See the membership secretary when you arrive.

Membership Meetings are usually held on the FOURTH (but not always) WEDNESDAY of the month. Check the Chapter Calendar for listings by month. Social hour begins at 6:30 PM and dinner is at 7:30 PM.

The IWLA-WAC Conservation Committee normally meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month (see chapter calendar), at 6:30 PM. Contact Jim Piateski 301-253-4950 or Jeffrey Deschamps 301-604-3736 for additional information. See the Chapter calendar for actual dates by month. Since many conservation actives are still in the planning stages, they are not yet on the calendar. If you are interested in upcoming events sign up for the Izaak Walton-WAC, E-mail list. New Conservation Committee web site.

The Adult Air Rifle Program (air rifle and pistol) meets every Monday at 7:00 PM for indoor shooting in the Rathskeller room downstairs. Jim Pachulski is the contact for this and the adult airgun program, in general. Our Air Rifle Field Target Matches are held from March through November. See the Chapter Calendar for the current schedule. Directions

The Damascus Ike's Field Target Association (DIFTA) will sponsor air rifle field target matches at the Damascus, Maryland, IWLA ranges. Registration begins at 9:00 AM. For additional information contact Mark Mayer 

The Damascus Air Rifle Club will hold it's first meeting of the year in September. Please see our Chapter Calendar for dates and times.

This meeting is our organizational and registration session for the coming year. Parents of boys and girls who are interested in learning to shoot rifles both safely and well, are encouraged to attend this session. Visitors will have an opportunity to inspect the equipment we use, meet most of our dozen NRA certified instructors and coaches, as well as many of our returning club members. They will have an opportunity to ask questions about the program, without obligation of any kind.

The cost for participation in this nearly year long, active and competitive program for the coming year will be $150.00. Membership in the WAC-IWLA is not required, but we do extend a discount to shooters whose parents are Chapter members. The club provides all of the equipment and materials a shooter needs to begin to participate in our program.

A new member will be assigned to a relay on a particular night of the week, and will normally shoot for two hours on that night for the remainder of the program year (September to June).

For additional information about this program, please contact Ed Mondoñedo .  


Through a special NRA program, you may now join or renew your NRA Membership through this web site.

When you go through this special link, the NRA will donate a substantial portion of your dues to our junior shooting program. This is a wonderful opportunity to have your NRA dues come back to assist this great program within our chapter. To help make a difference, please click on the NRA logo at the left, and complete the appropriate applications.  

You can pay on line and save time and a stamp.

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We now have a full schedule for bowling pin and Practical Defense type shoots. Currently, shoots are open to members and the rules are "relaxed" for a casual atmosphere. All participants  meet at the Tom Riley Open Range (uncovered range). Sign-in, registration and setup starts at 9:45 AM.

Practical defense and bowling pin matches will now help our members by integrating intermediate firearm instruction during the events.

Participants must bring their own firearms and ammo, and there is a very nominal fee to participate.

See the Chapter Calendar for a list of the monthly shoots. For additional information contact Jesse Lim on 240-832-0354.  Click here for  Bowling Pin Match Rules and Match Application / Score Sheet.

Recent Practical Defense class photos.

Our Cowboy Action Shoots are on the fourth Saturday of the month, from March through November. Rifle and pistol ranges are closed from 1:00 PM on the Friday before the shoot for set up. The ranges reopen on Saturday around 3:30 PM, immediately after the ranges have been cleaned up.  Clean up help is appreciated and will speed up the reopening of the ranges. Our Damascus Wildlife Rangers are SASS Affiliated.

In August, we host the SASS Maryland State Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting. The match is called "Thunder Valleys Days" and takes place over three days. Entry for TVD is by pre registration only. See our own Damascus Wildlife Rangers web site for complete information on all of the Cowboy Matches.

The Rifle/Pistol Range Clean Up and Christmas Tree Maintenance is normally the last Sunday of the month at 10:00 AM., (Occasionally it is the 4th Sunday, check the club calendar for exact dates). The clean up's generally run from 9:00 AM  to 12:00 noon. This is a great way to help out the chapter. The rifle, pistol and shotgun ranges will be closed until 12:00 noon on clean up days.

The Chapter and Range Officer Orientation & Training is normally the last Sunday of the month at 09:30 AM., (Occasionally it is the 4th Sunday, check the club calendar for exact dates). This meeting is a requirement for those wishing to become "Range Approved" so they can use the rifle and pistol ranges on their own.

You must pre-register for the orientation class by E-mailing the Chapter and Range Chairperson.

The orientation, depending on class size, will last from three to four hours. Attendance of spouse and youngsters is encouraged. The meeting is held in the Chapter House.
Weather permitting, a portion of the class will be held outdoors, please dress appropriately.

Only "Range Approved" members and their guests are permitted to use the Rifle and Pistol ranges. Remember to display your range approved membership card while using the ranges. And don't forget to sign "In and Out" at the sign in box.

Attendees must have submitted their membership application and have been approved by the BOD before attending the Range and Chapter Orientation Class.


The DNR Approved Hunter Safety Program training, at this Izaak Walton location, will have three classes in the fall of each year. Each class consist of  a required three days of instruction and testing. For dates, check the Chapter Calendar in September, October and November, for class times and registration information. To register you must complete an application (on the DNR web site) at this link http://dnr.maryland.gov/nrp/Pages/hunter_education_classes.aspx
. For additional DNR Hunter Safety questions, contact the Department Of Natural Resources (DNR) web site, or call the Natural Resources Police - Safety Education Division on 410-260-3280.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the course, can be found HERE.

If you have lost your Hunter Safety Card, contact the DNR Police, in Annapolis, on 410-260-3280 and they will issue a replacement.


Maryland Shooter Qualification Committee Contact list link

Guidance: Maryland Shooter Qualification Card Program link.

Wildlife Achievement Chapter, Damascus: FAQ

A few things you need to bring. Eye protection and hearing protection for all persons you bring to the range. These are mandatory, no one may shoot or observe without them.

We will start the shooters qualification from 10 AM to 12 PM, in September and November - see the club calendar.

You will need to bring your own firearm and your own ammunition that you plan to qualify with.  The cost is $10.00 per firearm, per person, payable to IWLA/WAC.  We recommend
sight-in your firearms prior to coming to qualify.

If you do not have access to a range to sight-in, we do offer a sight-in run for an additional $10.00 per firearm, per person payable to IWLA-WAC. If you do qualify on the sight-in run, we do keep the additional $10.00 paid.

You will need to hit a paper plate target at 40 yards with slugs 3 out of 5 times for shotgun and 2 out of 3 for black powder.

This also pertains to black powder although Maryland law does not consider a black powder loaded until it has a cap, 209 primer attached or inserted. We do consider it loaded if it is charged.  If you are qualifying with a black powder firearm, you will be asked to run a cap/209 primer through it prior to loading to make sure it is empty.  Safety note: The additional safety reason for this is so that no one double charges their firearm because they forgot it was loaded. Doing so would cause a catastrophic accident, resulting in injury.

Every member, and every guest, who shoots on any range (This will include the shotgun, airgun, archery, rifle and pistol), must be visibly wearing a Range Access card. If you do not have one, you must attend a Range Orientation class, held at 9:30 A.M. on the last Sunday of the month, to obtain one. (Check the online calendar for class dates).

You must still log in at the sign in box, when you enter and when you leave the ranges.

Each member has been issued to guest passes. These passes must be worn by your guest while on the range. No one is permitted on the ranges without a pass, even if they are only observing.

The only exception to wearing a Range Access card is if you are shooting in an event where non-members are invited that are not specific guests of members under current Chapter Rules or organized shooting competitions. Such events include Cowboy Action Shoots, Seneca Valley DCM Matches, Breaking Clays to Save the Bay, etc.


If you forget your card, you cannot use the ranges unless you are the guest of a range approved member that has their card and a guest card for you to wear.  You will be recorded as their guest.


NEW RANGE POLICY Effective January 1, 2021 --  Badges

Each member that has a GREEN range access card will be provided TWO red visitor badges that must be visibly worn at all times by family and other guests. Visitor badges will be distributed with members’ GREEN range access cards. Visitors are only allowed on the ranges when accompanied by members. Therefore, anybody on the ranges without a GREEN range access card or a visitor’s badge will be deemed trespassing and will be requested to leave the property.

“Visitor badges will be printed with the member’s name and ID number. The member must be present with the guests that are using their visitor cards.”

STARTING IN 2021, the members range access card will be PERMANENT. It will be GREEN and have the IWLA logo on it. Like range access cards, the design of red visitor badges is permanent will not change each year. Members should retain their visitor badges as long as they remain members. Lost badges will be replaced for a cost of $10 each.

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  Chapter Special Events & Upcoming Projects  

To Volunteer for a Chapter Project or work detail, please check the Chapter Calendar for events and contact information.

New Cowboy Shooter Clinics

The next new cowboy shooter clinic, at Damascus, will be on Sunday September 18, 2022.  Class size is limited (15 shooting students), and seats are on a first come, first serve basis. Pre-registration is required, no walk ins..  Registration deadline is September 10th.

You can fill out the application while viewing it on your PC and then print it. You can make yourself a copy and I will be able to read the one you send me! APPLICATION HERE

The purpose of the clinics is to introduce the sport to potential enthusiasts who'd like to give it a try without "the whole world watching." Though playing the game under the watchful eye of the Range Officer and their timer is part of the fun, that can be a little intimidating if you're new at it. SAFETY and fun are the real focus of the sport, and we'd like to be sure everyone gets off to the right start. Students will learn how the game is played, hear the SASS rules, see the equipment and accessories that are required, and get a chance to try out the range of firearms that are appropriate to the sport. A history of the sport is included in the classroom portion. You can look at the Clinic Outline to see what's covered.  Atlantic Guns and the Damascus Wildlife Rangers provide all equipment and ammo, if students do not have their own yet.  Each person will get the chance to shoot real cowboy hoglegs, a scatter gun and lever action rifle! You will feel the fear of that dang buzzer and learn what real brain fade is like!

The clinics are not meant to be initial firearms training. Students must already be familiar with the safe use and unassisted loading of revolvers, rifles and shotguns. If you do not have experience, you can take the classroom portion but, you can only observe the live fire portion.  For additional information contact Chuckaroo 301-831-9666. You will be required to complete a waiver that includes your experience competency in order to participate in the shooting portion.  Having fired a gun sometime in your life, is not sufficient experience with firearms in order to participate in the live fire portion of the class.

Many thanks to Atlantic Guns for again providing all of the clinic ammo!
Clinic volunteers made it happen!, JR Gomez, Annie Jean Oakley, Tom Toben, Twitchy Digits, Old Baldy, Snapshot Sandy, My Airy Undertaker and Chuckaroo.



In order to purchase a handgun in Maryland, after October 1, 2013, you must have a Handgun Qualification License (HQL) (Unless you are exempted).


Not Everyone Needs An HQL

Exceptions to possession of the HQL License (If you fall under one of these exemptions, you do not need and HQL to purchase a regulated firearm).

  1. A Licensed Firearms Manufacturer.

  2. Active law enforcement officer or a person retired in good standing from a law enforcement agency of the United States, the State, or a local law enforcement agency of the State.

  3. Active or retired member of the United States Armed Forces or National Guard and possesses a valid military identification card.

  4. A person purchasing, renting or receiving an antique, curio or relic as defined in federal law.

  5. Maryland licensed firearms dealers.

Most Of Us Are Exempt From The Training

Required to have the HQL, but exempt from the training component

  1. Someone who completed a certified safety course.

  2. Has completed a course of instruction in the competency and safety of firearms as prescribed under Natural Resources Article, §10-301.1, Annotated Code of Maryland. Application for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Hunter Safety Course Certificate can be obtained from here and may be used in lieu of Qualified Handgun Instruction.

  3. Is currently a qualified handgun instructor.

  4. Is an honorably discharged member of the armed forces of the United States or National Guard.

  5. Is an employee of an armored car company who has a handgun permit issued by MSP.

  6. Lawfully owns a regulated firearm.  If you already own a handgun or assault weapon prior to October 1, 2013, you do not have to complete the training to apply for the Handgun Qualification License.


To obtain the HQL, you apply for it on line.  You initially create an account (by making up your User Name and Password).  You can fill out the basic information. You can come back later and continue the process.

If you do not have an exception to the training (see exceptions on the MSP web site listed above), you will have to locate and take the required training. Do this before you get your fingerprints taken.

Because most of us already have a regulated firearm, we are exempt from the training portion. You will need to get digital fingerprints taken. When you do, you will be given a serial number associated with those prints. This number will be needed for the HQL application.  Once you get the prints, complete the application as they are only good for about a month.

Once you complete the application, you can go back to the account and track the progress of the application.

The cost for the application (good for 10 years) is $50.  The cost of the fingerprints varies but is around $35 to $55 dollars.  There is a listing of places to have your fingerprints taken on the web site listed above.

This is my interpretation of the process. For complete information, use the link provided for the application.

There is no change in the laws regarding non-regulated long guns, like rifles and shotguns. You may still purchase these without a HQL.  


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Thanks to some dedicated archers among the WAC members, there is a WAC Archery Program and a field archery range located behind the Chestnut Tree farm near the driveway entrance to the WAC property.  Access to the field archery range is to the right of the fence around the American Chestnut tree nursery (follow red and white sign).  You must sign in at the range sign in box on the entrance to the field archery range.  Please read all of the Archery Range Rules through this link before using the field archery range, ARCHERY RANGE RULES.


The WAC Archery Program’s mission is to introduce, train and develop archery enthusiasts, both young and old, in the sport of archery. The skills learned and developed in the program are useful for both field target archery and bow hunting. The WAC Archery Program has a number of instructors that are certified by the US Archery Association which is the organization that governs and sponsors the U.S. Olympic Archery Team.  Sometime soon, we are hoping to get the WAC Archery Program qualified to be in the Junior Olympic Archery Development Program (JOAD).  If you have any questions about the WAC Archery Program, archery classes and its other educational opportunities in the sport of archery, contact John Porter by E-mail or by telephone: (301) 253-6390.


  Items Needed & Help Wanted 

Plywood.... or chip board is always needed for target backers.  Pre-Cut 2' X 2' or 2' X 4' pieces are great, but if you can't cut it we will see that it gets cut.  Just leave the wood outside the sliding door to the large steel equipment shed you see when you first come in the driveway.  Contact Chuck Crooks 301-831-9666 for additional information.

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The new access control system controls entry to four areas. The range road portion of the system consists of a computer-controlled barrier gate at the top of the range road and two associated card readers, one for entry and one for exit. The gate is programmed to function 1/2 hour before the normal start time for shooting. Prior to that time, access is not permitted. It will not operate until 9:30 AM on most days.

The chapter house portion consists of a computer-controlled latch on the rear Rathskeller entry door and a single card reader for entry. A second in reader is located at the front to the building, (to the doors on the right by the small patio). Exit from the Rathskeller and upper level, is done in a normal fashion without need for a facility card. The doors are programmed to operate during normal club hours only (07:00 AM to 10:00 PM), they are not 24/7.

A fourth, in reader, is located on the skeet and trap range house. This reader is programmed for skeet and trap range officers only.

In addition to controlling access to the ranges and chapter house, the system maintains a record of events, by date and time, and identifies the cards (and card owners) associated with those events. That information will be used to analyze the use of our facilities, and to investigate incidents such as vandalism.

FACILITY CARDS (Plain White Card with slot for snap holder)
Do I need one? If you drive to the rifle and pistol ranges or would like to enter the chapter house at times when it is normally locked, you need a facility card.

How do I get one? Facility cards are controlled and distributed by the House and Grounds Chairman. New members acquire them for a one time fee of $10 added to their dues and initiation fee. Existing members, who chose not to purchase a facility card when first offered, can acquire one by contacting Guy Wright, there will be a $10 charge. 

Can I get several? Unfortunately our system has limits on the number of cards it can handle. Only one facility card will be issued to each WAC member for their personal use and for use by range-approved family members. Cards must not be loaned to other persons.

How do I replace a lost, damaged or malfunctioning card? To get a replacement for your lost or damaged facility card, contact the Guy Wright 301-775-3741. The lost card will be removed from the system.  Guy Wright will ask for a written request along with a $5 replacement fee. Malfunctioning cards, which are not apparently damaged by their owners, will be replaced at the club's cost in subsequent years. However, to get a free replacement, the card must be presented for testing by a responsible WAC official and will be retained by the WAC.

-  The range road gate is programmed to operate one half hour before the regular range hours. The starting time is 10 AM.  The gate will not operate before 9:30 AM.  The exit reader for the range gate will not function after a programmed time as well. Do not linger on the range after the stop time as the gate may not open on your exit.  Do not use the out reader to enter the range road. It will show on the record of your card use and entering (using the out reader) after the permitted time frame could subject you to explain your actions. The system will not permit entry on Christmas day, Easter Sunday, or during some special events for which the range has been closed. The card reader for range road entry is located at the intersection of the driveway and skeet/trap field service road, about 30 feet in front of the gate.

- Register yourself and any guests (maximum of two) on the range sign-in log as usual. Each guests name must be listed under the members name and a check mark must be made next to the guests name in the column marked guest.

- Stop at the entry card reader and hold the facility
 card 2 to 4 inches in front of the reader. The reader will beep and briefly change from red to green as it reads your card. If the system recognizes your card and will permit entry, the gate will open and remain open until one vehicle has entered.

- Drive through the gate promptly. Only one vehicle is permitted through on each gate cycle. Attempts at multiple entries during a single cycle could result in vehicle and gate damage.

- If your party includes more than one vehicle, use your card to permit your guest's vehicle to enter first. Then, after the gate has gone through a complete cycle of opening and closing, drive your vehicle to the card reader and present the card again as you would for a normal entry.

- The process of exiting the range road is the same as entering, except you will be using the exit card reader. It is at the side of the range road on the driver's left about 30 feet from the gate.

- Don't forget to sign out yourself and any guests on the range sign-in log. Entries on that log will be checked periodically against the information recorded by the access control system.

- In the event of a commercial power failure, the gate to the range road will be release automatically but, you must manually pull up the gate. If the power has failed, the gate should lift easily. If it does not, then the failure is not due to a power failure.

The access control system is programmed to permit chapter house entry from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM for members.  The Rathskeller card reader is located on the wall to the right of the right lower level entry door. Access to the upper level is through the right hand doors by the small patio where the handicap ramp is located.

- Keep your hand off of the door handle while presenting your card to the reader. If there is any outward pressure on the door, the latch will not release.

- Hold the facility card 2 to 4 inches in front of the card reader. The reader will beep and briefly change from red to green as it reads your card. If the system recognizes your card and will permit entry, the door latch should release with a light click.

- Pull the door open with the handle. You can continue holding it open while you and any other members of your party enter.

- Simply release the door and permit it to close normally after entering.

The Rathskeller and upstairs hall doors incorporate a panic bar for exit like those on institutions and commercial establishments. To exit and leave the building locked, simply push the panic bar at the center of the door. It will relock upon closing. For special events and meetings, doors can be unlocked to permit entry by non-members. This will be done by house and grounds or the event chairperson.

Members that are certified Skeet & Trap Range Officers, will have electronic entry to the skeet house. The door that faces the ranges is equipped with  reader to permit entry to range officers only. Skeet and trap officers will unlock the range house doors to allow skeet customers in.  At the conclusion of the day, range officers will relock the building per their internal instructions.

The barrier gate is an electromechanical device which will fail occasionally. In the event of a commercial power failure, the gate can be opened by gently lifting up on the gate arm.  In the event of a power failure there is no tension on the motor so the release springs will permit the gate to open manually. The telephone numbers for several WAC officials are posted on the exit side of the white steel gate housing.  They are familiar with access system operation. The Chairmen of the Rifle/Pistol Range and House/Grounds Committees have immediate responsibility for the system, but may delegate its operation to others who can respond more quickly in case of problems.

When reporting a problem with access, note your name, the date, time and what portion of the property you were attempting to gain access to.  Access to the building is denied prior to 7:00 AM and after 10:00 PM. Access to the range road is denied prior to 9:30 AM and after the current range closure hours. Access to the shotgun range house is limited to Shotgun Range Officers.

Potential causes for access failure are commercial power failure, card failure, card reader failure, computer failure, trying to gain access out of permitted hours, gate or electronic lock failure, unpaid dues or the ranges are closed for a specific reason, (this will be posted on the web site calendar). If you have not taken the range and orientation course, your access card will not operate the gate at the entrance of the range road.

- In case of any suspected failure, one way to determine whether a problem is due to your access card or some other factor is to try your card on more than one reader. The Rathskeller entrance door is a good choice for such a test because it usually remains in service when the ranges may be closed.

- If the range road gate will not open for your entry, first make sure that the range is not closed because it is a holiday, a special event, or outside of posted shooting hours. After verifying that the range should, indeed, be open for use, report the problem to a WAC official. You may then wait for a resolution or walk to the range.

- In the worst case, where the range road gate will not open for your exit, try to find someone at the site with another facility card, and ask them to try their card in either of the gate card readers. If that works, go ahead and exit the range road, then seek assistance from a WAC official for your malfunctioning card. If nobody else is around or another card also fails, contact the chapter caretaker or one of the other officials who will resolve the problem.

- Rifle/pistol range users must continue to register the entry and exit of themselves and their guests on the range sign-in log. Each guest (maximum of two) must be listed on the log on a separate line.

- Possession of a facility card is not proof of your qualification to use the rifle/pistol ranges. Range users must continue to display a current range-approved membership card on their person while at the ranges.

- The range road gate may be locked open for special events where traffic on that road will be heavy or involve entry by a number of persons who are not members of the WAC. If you are in charge of such an event, please make arrangements ahead of time to ensure the gate will be locked open for you, and returned to computer control at the end of your event, after ensuring that people without cards are no longer in the range areas.

- If you find the gate locked open when no special event is underway, go through the process of presenting your card to the reader anyway so it may, at least, record information about your entry. Never go to the ranges through an open gate without your card. You may find the gate closed when you attempt to leave.

- The range road gate and Rathskeller doors may also be locked closed in case of special events where entry by the general membership presents a possible risk to property or persons.

- Facility cards will be disabled to prevent entry in case of the non-payment of dues or the deliberate violation of range rules.

- The facility card number, which is recorded each time it is used, specifically identifies the WAC member to whom that card was issued. Except in emergencies as noted above, do not permit your card to be used by someone outside your family membership.

- The access system event log will be regularly reviewed for unusual events. You may be contacted if your card is associated with such an event. Please do your best to cooperate in such investigations.

- Actions to circumvent or otherwise interfere with the operation of the access control system or its components are a serious violation of WAC trust in its members, and may lead to expulsion from membership.


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If you are using a PC, Internet map service or GPS for directions, the official address is 26430 Mullinix Mill Rd., Mt Airy, Md. 21771
39° 77' 32.14" North Latitude  /  77° 09' 27.77" West Longitude
Digital coordinates 39.292261 Latitude  /  -77157714 Longitude

Please obey the speed limit signs. The Damascus area has been designated as a SPEED CORRIDOR and speed cameras are plentiful.

From Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda and Northern Virginia Via I-270:
Take I-270 North to Father Hurley Blvd. (Rt 27), East toward Damascus. Continue through Damascus but do not follow Rt. 27 North when it gets in town, just continue straight (bear right at the Liberty Station). Once you pass the next light you are actually on Rt.108 East. Take Rt. 108 2 miles and turn left on Mullinix Mill Rd. Take Mullinix Mil Rd. 1 1/2 miles and turn left into the driveway. (speed camera in on 108 on the right side at the church)

From Gaithersburg, Rockville & Bethesda Via Rt. 355:

Take Rt. 355 North toward Frederick. Just north of Gaithersburg, near Milestone shopping center, take Rt. 27 Right toward Damascus. Continue through Damascus but do not follow Rt. 27 North when it gets in town, just continue straight (bear right at the Liberty Station). Once you pass the next light you are actually on Rt.108 East. Take Rt. 108 2 miles
 (speed camera in on 108 on the right side at the church) and turn left on Mullinix Mill Rd. Take Mullinix Mil Rd. 1 1/2 miles and turn left into the driveway.

From Gaithersburg Via Rt. 124 (Woodfield Rd.):
Take Route 124 North toward Damascus. At the light in Damascus turn Right (East) onto Rt. 108. Take Rt. 108
 (speed camera in on 108 on the right side at the church) about 2 miles to Mullinix Mill Rd. Turn left on Mullinix Mill Rd. Go 1 1/2 miles and turn left into the driveway.

From Frederick Md., West Virginia, & Western PA. Via I-70:
Take I-70 East toward Baltimore. Take Rt. 27 South toward Damascus (also the Mt. Airy exit). Go South on Rt. 27 for 4.5 miles (CAUTION, THERE IS A SPEED CAMERA ON RT 27 NEAR DAMASCUS). Turn left on Rt 124 at the traffic light (Woodfield Rd.) and go the the next light, Route 108, and turn left. 
(speed camera in on 108 on the right side at the church) Go 1.5 miles and turn left on Mullinix Mill Rd.  Go 1 mile and the driveway is in on the left.
From Baltimore, Odenton, Howard County Via I-70:
Take I-70 West toward Frederick. Take Rt. 27 South toward Damascus (also the Mt. Airy exit). Go South on Rt. 27 for 5.6 miles (CAUTION, THERE IS A SPEED CAMERA ON RT 27 NEAR DAMASCUS). Turn left on Rt 124 at the traffic light (Woodfield Rd.) and go the the next light, Route 108, and turn left. 
(speed camera in on 108 on the right side at the church) Go 1.5 miles and turn left on Mullinix Mill Rd.  Go 1 mile and the driveway is in on the left.
Take I-70 West to Exit 73, Woodbine Road, Rt. 94. Go south (left) on Rt. 94 to Rt. 108, Damascus Road. Take a right on Rt. 108.
 (speed camera in on 108 on the right side at the church) Go 1.6 miles and turn right onto Mullinix Mill Road. Go 1.5 miles and turn left into the driveway.

From Prince Georges County & Northern VA Via I-495:
Take I-495 to I-270 North towards Gaithersburg and Frederick. Next take Father Hurley Blvd. to Md. Rt. 27 North/East toward Damascus. Continue through Damascus but do not follow Rt. 27 North when it gets in town, just continue straight (bear right at the Liberty Station). Once you pass the next light you are actually on Rt.108 East. Take Rt. 108  2 miles
 (speed camera in on 108 on the right side at the church) and turn left on Mullinix Mill Rd. Take Mullinix Mil Rd. 1 1/2 miles and turn left into the driveway.

From Prince Georges County, Scenic Route:
Take New Hampshire Ave. (Route 650) West toward Ashton & Olney. Continue on Rt. 650, cross over Rt. 108 and stay on Rt. 650. (If you turn left onto Rt. 108, follow the directions from Silver Spring). Eventually, (a long scenic ride), Rt. 650 ends and turns into Rt. 108 in a small town called Etchinson (blink and it's gone). Make a right on Mullinix Mill Rd., (first right after Long Corner Rd.). Go 1 1/2 miles and turn left onto the driveway.

From Wheaton, Silver Spring & Olney:
Take Georgia Ave. (Rt. 97) North toward Olney. At Rt. 108, in Olney, turn left (West) toward Laytonsville. Continue on Rt. 108 through Laytonsville until you get to the stop sign in Etchinson. Here you turn left to continue on Rt. 108 West. (Turning right would be New Hampshire Ave. aka Rt. 650). Continue on Rt. 108 toward Damascus and make a Right turn onto Mullinix Mill Rd. Go 1 1/2 miles and turn Left onto the driveway.

If you are using a PC or Internet map service for directions, the official address is 26430 Mullinix Mill Rd., Mt Airy, Md. 21771  

Please Drive Carefully!

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